Gallery at Vincennes

The OpenBach gallery at Vincennes, a continuation of our old location in the 13th arrondissement, is a terrain of artist experimentation. With our innovative and frequently-evolving program, we proudly display at least one new exhibition per month.

Our gallery presents both collective exhibitions and solo shows where artists can take advantage of our large exhibition space.

The gallery strives to expose a variety of artistic techniques: drawing, painting, textile, digital, print, sculpture, photography…

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Inaugurated in 2016 and closed at the end of 2023, our gallery in the 13th arrondissement was much more than a simple exhibition site. Offering the community a rich and unique weekly program, the gallery became an experimental ground for numerous young artists, which enhanced the neighborhood’s cultural life.

Beyond just a way for young creators to gain ‘visibility’, the gallery of the 13th worked as a springboard for artists at the beginning of their career, offering them crucial opportunities for their development. This lively space sparked inspiring encounters between emerging artists and the public.

Although the gallery closed its doors in November 2023, it left behind it many memories, exchanges, and artist discoveries.