Our Residency

Since 2016, OpenBach has welcomed artists, creators, and artisans selected for the quality of their creations and their innovative vision.

The residency space of OpenBach is made up of fifteen artist studios in a building of 500 m2. These are divided into seven individual studios and eight shared studios, two being open space. You can find working here painters, graphic designers, textile artists, illustrators, photographers…

Learn more about our artists in residency and their work below!

The art directors of the association make each year an ambitious selection of thirty artists and projects for our summer residency, seeking out quality, innovation, and diversity of ideas.

Are you an artist/creator? Are you looking for a lively, collaborative residency space to develop your practice? Fill out this form to apply for our long-term residency (6 months) and this one if you’re searching for something shorter (one week, May to September only.)