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Summer residency

Do you like living in a community, sharing materials and know-how? Are you an artist who wants to develop your practice, create large-scale works or simply take the time to concentrate on your work? Take part in our residency program, which takes place in the large glass roof of our space in Vincennes!

A shared space

a bright, flexible collective workshop with a kitchenette and free access.

A stock of materials

the materials provided: tools, paper, paints, felt-tip pens, pencils, etc.

A curatorial follow-up

follow-up and reflection on your practice with an artistic residency notebook written and edited by the Openbach team.

A retrospective exhibition

To round off these weeks of production, a retrospective exhibition is scheduled for September.

A shared space
A former industrial building rehabilitated as an artistic residence.

Openbach is a 600 m² cultural and artistic space, which opened its doors in September 2022. Located in Vincennes, it offers more than 15 artists’ studios and shared creative spaces, providing a dynamic, collaborative environment.

During the months of June, July and August, the gallery space welcomes short-term residents. The space is shared and modular, adapting to the specific needs of each artist.

A stock of materials
Partnerships with suppliers of specialized art materials

Openbach fosters creativity by partnering with suppliers of specialized art materials. Thanks to these partnerships, residents have access to a full range of high-quality tools, including paper, markers and pencils. Whether you’re a draughtsman, painter or illustrator, our selection of professional art materials.

Our collaborations with renowned suppliers ensure that every artist has access to the best materials for their work.

They have collaborated with us

A curatorial follow-up
The summer residence is also a time for introspection

On arrival, each artist receives an artistic follow-up workbook specially designed to enrich his or her creative experience. The workbook is an important tool, offering advice for the residency, reflections on artistic practice, personal development issues and creative challenges.

The workbook helps artists to structure and deepen their artistic reflection, thus facilitating their professional development. Thanks to this tool, they can better understand their artistic evolution, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and define clear objectives for their residency.

A retrospective exhibition
A group exhibition to showcase the creations.

A retrospective group exhibition is organized at the end of the summer residency. This exhibition gives the artists an opportunity to present their creations to the public.

An ideal opportunity for our residents to unveil their work to the general public. It highlights the work accomplished during the residency and offers a unique visibility platform for the artists.

A new artistic residency experience in a unique location.

Since 2020, from June to August, the gallery space has been transformed into an artists’ studio, welcoming artists for short periods. The project was born out of the growing demand from artists in the Paris region for short residencies. A call for applications is launched in mid-March each year to determine the selection of artists for the coming summer.

Well-thought-out space organization

A modular creative space, the facility can be adapted to suit all artistic practices, giving freedom to artists in residence.

A general collective incentive

Working as a collective gives structure and rigor, and encourages collaboration and the exchange of know-how between artists.

A hub of artists

With over 200 residents having passed through the Openbach residency, our artistic network is growing every year.

Opinions of former residents

"A place that is both calm and very lively to create very freely, according to mood and moment. Nice encounters as a bonus and advice and support regarding artist status."

"The artistic residency gave me the opportunity to adapt my work in a different space and allowed me to exchange with other artists."

"This residency allowed me to have a place and devote a defined amount of time to advancing my plastic work."

"A space dedicated to my practice, meetings, much more time for my artistic practice."

Spend a summer enjoying an artistic experience in a shared studio!

Ready to join us for the summer?