Émersion – Solo show Yannick Bernede

Émersion - Solo show Yannick Bernede

Yannick Bernede, Openbach resident, presents his “La grande réserve” series, evoking memories of his childhood. With their fullness and emptiness, he has attempted to give form to his memories. A synthesis of his pictorial research over the last fifteen years, it is the culmination of his work.

Begun at the end of 2022, Yannick is interested in the very substance of memory: that vague object made of certainties and approximations, where time and space confusingly mix. This project is a logical sequel to the quest for being: being is a phenomenon caught up in time. In the end, we will be no more than a memory in the minds of others.

To tackle this project, Yannick relied on the notion of reserve, which is used here as a structuring element in painting. Combined with gesture and color, it attempts to give shape to the emergence of memory.

In memory, a similar idea is woven, as the memory forms, deforms and shifts. This is how he conceived “La grande réserve”: from work to work, motifs repeat themselves, move away, open up, come back… Here, they are brought together in their pluralities to highlight the principle of memory and reminiscence at play in his painting.

For this exhibition, Yannick presents both finished canvases and works in progress, as well as studies and sketches. It is therefore a temporary survey of his research.