Les variations Textiles – Collective Exhibition

Les Variations Textiles - Collective Exhibition

LES VARIATIONS TEXTILES is a group exhibition showcasing the multiple forms that textile art can take. It took place at OpenBach Galerie in Vincennes in March 2024. The exhibition is part of a cycle designed to highlight the practices and techniques of today’s artists.

More than just a medium, textiles offer a multitude of practices to artists.

It is as much a process with a heritage of craft traditions as it is a basic material for the wildest plastic creations.

Handicrafts include a wide range of skills, often homemade, combining technicality and precision. These include embroidery, weaving, arm-knitting, patchwork and crochet. However, the use of these often ancient techniques has evolved over time, making them an art form in their own right.

Automated practices are becoming more and more developed, and are becoming new mediums in their own right, such as tufting, which consists of inserting wool onto a canvas using a gun, or digital embroidery!

Textiles are also the raw material for a variety of experiments. Threads originally made of fabric are now replaced by strands of metal, copper or plastic. With innovative technologies such as 3D printing, new materials are being created in research laboratories. Printing, and more specifically screen printing, have also given textiles a new image, blending contemporary imagery with traditional fashion forms.

Textile works can also be ready-made objects taken out of their useful context, or interwoven with sculptures to simply sublimate them. They can be close to minimalism or bursting with color and pop culture.

Artists : Park Wonjin, Chantal Tichit, Veronika Lazareva, Brigitte Masquelier, Luce Mongo-Mboussa, Manon Rey, Emily Beer, Lola Loup, Laura Bertil, Virginie Bécourt, Louise Courtin-Rascon, Elodie Serhane-Ferré, Stéphanie Kry, Isabelle Piron, Magali Berdaguer, Françoise Vallée, Emmanuelle Mason, Charlotte Skurzak, Marie Jacquemin Lepalec, Juliette Imbert, Alice Cauchois, Maxence Piat, Iris Frère, Mila Nijinsky, Laurane Desjonquères, Agnès Dosmas Krier, Emilie Ruard, Guacolda, Stéphane Hoppler, Bridget Low, Léa Neuville, Julie Burton, Frédérique Gourdon, Marie Salce, Marie Constant, Arnaud Bodaire, Carine Trichet, Chloé Hercé, Claire Le Jeune, Juliette Rambour, Eva Lidsky, Sandrine Thiebaud Mathier, Ekaterina Igorevna, Nelson Aires, Samuel Doucement, Constance Boulay, Mélanie Bayle, France Desbouis, Isabelle Cosnard, Thomas Lable, Brigitte Amarger, Maude Guirault, Sabrina Laiolo, Eva Premillieu, Justine Havard, Paula Jouannet, Delphine Hurad, Sara Genin, Karin Crona, Franck Claudon