Soap, Soda & Tomates en boîte – Collective Exhibition

Soap, Soda & Tomates en boîte - Collective Exhibition

This exhibition features 22 artists and took place in April 2024 at the Openbach gallery in Vincennes. We invited the artists to let mass consumption take over their creations. By seizing on the imagery of iconic brands, they pushed their work towards a fantasy rooted in reality. The works hypnotize and question, inviting viewers to take a new look at their everyday lives.

Since the advent of pop art, brand imagery has become a favored source of representation of consumer society for artists. Increasingly impactful brands are also a source of fascination for artists, since they are so much a part of everyday imagery. While marketers develop hard-hitting imagery with the aim of getting people to buy their products, artists use them for the stories they convey, for the attraction or nostalgia they arouse.

Part of the exhibition also focuses on the consumer tool, the device or object that enables consumption: coffee makers, cups, shopping carts, baskets… These design objects also have a special place in our collective imagery. They are predominant in our daily lives, but their representation is rather rare in the arts. They also carry memories and symbolize repetitive, day-to-day actions.