Mirages & instantanés – Collective Exhibition

Mirages & instantanés - Collective Exhibition

  • A new group exhibition on old photographic processes from February 7 to 28, 2024. Some forty photographic artists using a variety of techniques will be exhibiting their work. You’ll be able to see photographs made using old processes, both positive and negative, such as ferrotype, cyanotype, argentype, anthotype, platinum palladium, gum bichromate, photopolymer plate, lumen print and collodion.

MIRAGES & INSTANTANÉS is a group exhibition focusing on historical photographic processes. The exhibition is part of a cycle designed to highlight the practices and techniques of today’s artists.

To capture reality instantly and turn it into a paper mirage – that could be the definition of photographic development. But this practice is more than just a technique: alternating positive and negative, it is an inexhaustible source of experimentation. At the frontier between painting, collage and photography, it’s an art form brimming with know-how and experimentation!

Artists who have exhibited : Denise Felber, Alice Planes, Alexandra Planquais, Lauren G.CAMPS, Agnès Clairand, Fakele, Aurélie Raidron, Louise Lecoeur, MarifineB, Milo, Marie Le Moigne, Guillaume Holzer, Daphné Beauvais, Alexia Dreschmann, Lo Kee, François Pitot, Alban Chassagne, Mady Mado, Caroline Boucher, Tony Lopes, Paddywagon, Richard S., William Belloche, Kheyap Quentin, Lucie Linder, Taïeb Lucile, Petit Alice, Gosselin Sylvie, Vit Marina, Wisteria, Typhaine Bertaut, Cyanodream, Hervé Piedcoq, ThéëR : Raphaël Lebas de Lacour &. Tristan Sidem, Olivier Marchesi, Céline Excoffon, Claire Béteille, Ben Felten, Thomas Oblomo, Aline M., Thomas Lable, Caroline Chik, Flora Nguyen, Louise Dumont, Aude Gourichon, Segui Simon, Daniela Schmidt, Armony Mö, François Peyre, Brenda Hoffman, Laura Talias, Charlotte Parent, Caroline Gaume, Antoine Delage, Solenn-Mary Bouton.